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Welcome to Mandy Hassall Quality Care

Mandy Hassall Quality Care specialises in finding care homes for people with a neurological condition. Through my personal and professional experience, I know what to look for and can advise you on the specific needs of someone living with a neurological condition who requires more specialised care and support than others.

You may be looking for a nursing, residential, respite or specialist home? Whether for yourself or a loved one, it’s never an easy task to look for a home. Do you know what to look for? Do you know what questions to ask?

What I do

With you and where appropriate, your carer and/or the person you care for, I will discuss specific needs. You may for example want me to accompany you to look at some homes or even source a home for you.

What I won't do

I won't recommend anywhere - the final decision has to be yours. I can only say whether or not I think it would be a suitable place for someone with a neurological condition, whether on a short or long term basis.

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